Disney Villains: the Greatest Drag Queens of All Time

Disney villains: sinister, parent killing, life ruining, camp. Those are the phrases best used to describe this unique group of could-be-drag evil bitches, and we should all be grateful for them.

Were RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 to be made up of Disney baddies we'd all be better off. Jafar would be the bitch of the year, think Phi Phi O'Hara without that tooth. He wears the most fabulous gown in all the land, huge shoulder pads, more eyeliner than Winehouse and has greatest resting bitch face of all time. All hail Queen Jafar.

Ursula is the ultimate big girl with an up-do. She's frankly everything a good queen should be, from that flowing black dress to her flawless makeup. She's big and bold and beautiful, but more than that, she's bored. Ursula has literally had it.

This could go on forever, Gaston and his obsession with his own body hair, Maleficent and her flawless costume queen looks, Cruella and all dat fur and then, Scar. Scar is the most slinky man that ever did live. He reads like Dickens, throws shade like clouds and struts like Naomi. If ever you needed a spirit animal, look no further.

The bad guys and gals (or however else they wish to identify) are always the best, and so misunderstood. They have usually been thrown out of the family, or shunned for being different or misunderstood to the point of social misfit, so why wouldn't they fight back? I'm not saying their methods are always on point, that poison apple gig is a little extreme, but spare them a thought before you condemn. Remove the murder and what you basically have is a great club act that everyone in my life would pay to see.

Further evidence that these glittery goddesses inspire us all: some amazing guys in London recently posted a video covering their songs, complete with outfits and acapella arrangements, and it is quite simply everything you need for a midweek pick me up. I'm not totally sure why they don't sing the song of the character they showed up as, but actually there is something quite special about Hades (and his flawless flaming hair) paying tribute to Cruella by way of song. Check them out:

Yes, boys. Yes. Viva la villain.