Disney World Obsessives, You Can Now Live in the 'Happiest Place on Earth'

Disney World Obsessives, You Can Now Live in the 'Happiest Place on Earth'
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There's a lot to love about Disney World. Leaving what's been called the "Happiest Place on Earth" is never an easy ordeal (especially if you've got kids in tow). Thanks to a new neighborhood development located just four miles from Disney's Magic Kingdom, you never have to actually leave the magic behind.

The new gated community, which is going by the name of Disney Golden Oak, is full of single-family homes (around 290, to be specific) ready for the buying. The real question is, what exactly will these homes look like? Mickey Mouse ear-shaped porthole windows? Red polka dot interiors? Slides for stairs? Don't get your hopes up.

According to a write-up on Today Home, the homes are all inspired by "old-world Mediterranean and Caribbean architecture." But the Disney theme is clear in the VIP amentities that come with the mortgage: Disney park tickets (of course), golf services, invitations to family events and parties, Extra Magic Hours, and access to the Summerhouse--a private 17,000 square-foot clubhouse that's sure to be full of like-minded Disney aficionados.

All of this being said, the convenience of being able to visit Disney World at the drop of a hat will certainly cost you. The custom homes are going for around $2 million, on top of annual membership and maintenance fees--and not to mention the daily park fees for actually taking advantage of the prime location. Talk about a childhood dream.

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