These Workers Create Water Art For Guests, Proving Everything Is Magical At Disney World

Updated: 1:52 p.m., May 9

At Disney, even the cleanup is magical.

Thanks to Paige Perfect, aka Reddit user TheVantasy, the world is learning about the hidden artistic talents of Disney World's custodians.

Perfect, who worked as custodian at Disney World, posted photos of herself and co-workers drawing pictures of Disney characters with water for guests to enjoy.

"I posted the photos online thinking maybe a few people would think they were funny. I wasn't expecting the hundreds of overwhelmingly positive comments I got in just a few hours," Perfect told The Huffington Post in an email. "I even received 'Thank you' [messages] from Disney visitors who told me how much these little things at the parks meant to them. The whole experience has been amazing!"

Check out some of these whimsical water creations:

"Simba was one of my favorites to draw," Perfect said on Reddit.

"Sometimes for fun, we would go up against each other in "drawing battles" and let the audience decide who wins. This guy was way better than me! Look at that three quarter side profile Goofy! That is some next level stuff."

"The beginning of Stitch. He was another frequently requested character, so I had to learn how to draw him pretty fast! Eventually, I learned to draw almost everything upside-down so guests didn't have to stare at my butt while I drew!"

"An early Donald, he was my favorite to draw! I couldn't handle it when people called him Daffy Duck, though ..."