Wild Brawl At Goofy's House In Disneyland’s Toontown Prompts Police Investigation

Police say those involved were members of the same family and did not cooperate.

Police are investigating a wild melee at the Disneyland theme park that was caught on video over the weekend.

“I’m ready to go to jail tonight!” a man yelled in footage that went viral.

The video showed several people, including one who leaves a mobility scooter to join in, brawling in Toontown, a themed land with attractions and play areas geared toward smaller children. The area features the “homes” of Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Goofy, the latter of which was the backdrop for much of the fight. 

At least three young children appeared to be connected to the men and women who took part in the brawl. 

Anaheim police officers who were called to the scene on Saturday night said those involved in the fight ― all members of the same family ― were uncooperative. 

There was no video at the time,” the department said on Twitter. “Now that we have video, the investigation can continue.” 

It’s not clear what started the fight.

The video showed bystanders trying to break up the fracas, with limited success. One of the bystanders, a high school football coach from El Paso, said he and three others brought down one of the fighters who seemed to pass out.

When the man regained consciousness, he kept asking, ‘Who choked me out?’” coach Jason Blair told KFOX14 in El Paso, adding that the man wanted to keep fighting.

Blair also criticized parkgoers for filming the brawl instead of trying to stop it.

“I didn’t understand why people were recording and not helping,” he said.   

About three minutes into the footage, security arrived.

Any type of violence is inexcusable and will not be tolerated,” Disney said via Twitter. “Those involved were immediately removed from the premises and turned over to the Anaheim Police Department.”

No one involved has been publicly identified. 

A police spokesperson told the Los Angeles Times the footage would be reviewed to see if any charges could be filed.



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