Disneyland Surveillance Catches Ghost Hanging Around After Hours... Because Who Wouldn't?

Disneyland Ghost Hangs Around After Hours... Because Who Wouldn't?

Because who wouldn't want to spend their afterlife at the Happiest Place on Earth?

A 2009 YouTube video -- presumably of Disneyland surveillance footage -- shows a grim grinning ghost cruising around Diseyland's Haunted Mansion and Rivers of America areas after hours. The Park is totally empty, giving him plenty of space to roam around the sidewalks and grass. He even walks on water near the end of the tape.

You may have to look closely, but you can see something going on.

Reddit user _littlehelll resurfaced the video on Friday. Users speculate the apparition may be the result of re-using VHS surveillance tapes. Some say it's Walt Disney's ghost, and others don't know WHAT the heck is going on here.

One thing's for sure: This dude isn't paying admission.

H/T Reddit

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