3-Year-Old With Cancer Gets Surprise Disney Trip With Adorable Send-Off From Her BFF

Three-year-old Juniper a.k.a "Juni" and her pal Violet are both battling a rare type of cancer called retinoblastoma. Last year, the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted Violet's wish to meet Mickey Mouse by sending her to Disneyland.

This year, the foundation is granting Juni's wish to meet Minnie Mouse with her own surprise trip to Disneyland. To share the news, Violet made an unbelievably adorable send-off video.

Dressed as Cinderella, Violet tells Juni she's going to the theme park, and shares some of her Disney pointers -- "Make sure you twirl like a princess and do your princess pose" and "Give Mickey and Minnie nose kisses." And of course, she sends off her treatment BFF with a fervent "I love you!"

This sweet friendship is one for the books.

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