Here's The Worst Thing That's Ever Happened At Disneyland

This is only suitable for people who are ready to give up on childhood.
A very upset Mickey Mouse.
A very upset Mickey Mouse.

Walt Disney envisioned Disneyland as a place of happiness ― a colorful respite from all the increasing madness in this world. His American Eden was never supposed to be a place of temptation to forbidden evil.

And yet, Disneyland has been beset by the darkest of moments. 

Someone caught Goofy kissing Minnie Mouse. And that someone was Mickey.

Gawker shared this tweet without explanation earlier this week and few publications have picked up the story since.

Twitter user Flower did not respond to a request for an interview from The Huffington Post.

Disney expert Lou Mongello ― who previously gave insight into a HuffPost story focusing on Walt Disney ― unfortunately did not have an answer for this bleak moment in Disney history.

“Looks like someone was just goofin’ around,” Mongello responded over email to our very serious request for a comment.

As the investigative trail has gone cold, looks like Goofy is going to get away with this crime against humanity. 

If you see Mickey Mouse around at an event or theme park, console him during these tough times.



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