Disneyland Nostalgia: Magical Home Video From 1956 Shows Walt Disney At California Theme Park (VIDEO)

Ah, nostalgia.

While watching this lush, dreamlike footage from 1956 Disneyland, one can't help but think of a time when rides were simple, lines were short and Walt Disney himself could be found strolling around the theme park.

Though it's been three years since filmmaker Jeff Altman first posted the clip to Vimeo, the evergreen home video resurfaced on the Internet this week.

The video was shot by Altman's grandfather just a year after Disneyland first opened its doors in California. In the clip's description, Altman explains the home movie had been filmed on his grandpa's "Bell & Howell Filmo using 16mm Kodachrome film stock."

The colors of teacups spinning and the lazy swoop of Dumbos flying take can easily take viewers back more than 50 years to a place that most would still find familiar.

And yes, that is Walt Disney in the video. (He's the one shaking hands with Altman's grandmother.)

For some Disneyland rides from yesteryear, click through the slideshow below:

Lost Disneyland Rides