Disneyland Souvenir Photo Captures Moment After Alleged Groping On Tower Of Terror Ride (VIDEO)

A souvenir photo may help police identify a man who allegedly groped a woman at Disneyland on Friday, Jan. 29, in Anahiem, California.

Christina Esquivel, the woman in the center of the photograph below, says she was riding Disneyland's Tower of Terror with her 12-year-old daughter when a man seated next to her groped her breast. Esquivel says the fellow passenger touched her during a point in the ride when the lights go out.

Esquivel says that she recoiled as soon as the man touched her--a moment caught on film by the ride's souvenir photo. She believes that the alleged groper knew what he was doing. A man who boarded the ride with the suspect laughed and clapped during the incident, Esquivel says.

After the ride was finished, Esquivel reported the incident to a ride operator, but the alleged groper and the laughing passenger slipped away before security arrived--10 minutes later.

Esquivel has filed a police report and now cops are trying to identify the men.

Disneyland has defended their response time and says that they are "taking the mater seriously" and working with police.