Disneyland Travel: Attractions, Shops And Exhibits Named After Real People

In a place that's built entirely upon the workings of one man's creative mind, it would seem that everything behind Disneyland is a figment of his imagination. But, even Disney works a bit of reality into the Fantasyland.

Surely anyone can place the figures who inspired Disneyland's Indiana Jones Adventure or Tarzan's Treehouse attractions, their fictional names burned into our brains by pop culture. The identities behind Fowler's Harbor or Laffite's Silver Shop, on the other hand, might not ring any bells.

They may not be as prominent as Dumbo or Pinocchio, but they were real boys.

The folks who built Disneyland are pretty sneaky -- hidden Mickeys anyone? -- peppering in names of real-life figures among the animated ones. So, who's who?

Author Chris Strodder identifies these figures in the latest edition of "The Disneyland Encyclopedia." Some you'll definitely recognize (at least, we hope you know who Abe Lincoln is!) and others you might have to Google. And, bonus points for remembering some of these vintage spots. Can you think of any other Disney attractions with roots in reality?

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Disneyland's Real-Life Namesakes