Disney's Oceans is the most important film of our time

Most of our planet is ocean. And our ocean is in big trouble.

But nearly all of the ocean is out of sight and mind for nearly all of us.

Jacques Cousteau, whose 100th birthday is celebrated in June, said that people protect what they love.

The best way to fall in love with the ocean is to get in it, on it and under it as much as possible. But that's logistically challenging and impractical for most people.

The next best way is to see Oceans in a theater, opening on Earth Day.

If you open your heart up and take in the spectacularity of this film, it will change your life. Seriously. I saw it happen yesterday at the Turning the Tide pre-screening at Cavallo Point.

Let the images of walrus love, the beautiful swimming blanket octopus, spider crab orgies of extraordinary magnitude, great white sharks, orcas, humpbacks, sea turtles and dugongs feeding and waves upon waves upon waves wash over you.

Avatar was entertaining, but it's fake. Hollywood at its absolute best. This film is real and every bit as mind-blowing. Our ocean planet at its best. What James Cameron spent years creating in a studio, the Disney Oceans team spent years patiently waiting to film, in the ocean. And the result is pure joy. A reminder that we share this blue marble called Earth with such a diversity of creatures and forms, all of us connected. But the future of many requires us to adjust our activities.

Make no mistake, ours is an ocean planet. Get to know it again. Take everyone you know to see Oceans on the biggest screen you can find. Fall deeply in love with the ocean, our planet, again.

Then, most importantly, live like you love the ocean. Be part of the ocean revolution.