Disney's "Pete's Dragon:"Finally, A Family Film That Delivers

Hollywood has a damaged brand, in my estimation.

Summer after summer, year after year, they seem to take great story lines or subject matter and through an almost magical process turn it into crap.

Take the "Batman" franchise for example. When I was a kid, children read comics about superheroes and loved them. They represented good. The destroyed evil villains. They were heroes.

Within minutes, it seemed after getting their grubby mitts on the entire Batman category, Hollywood turned Batman into a dark, sinister character that was more appealing to dark, sinister adults than to kids. Now more adults go to see Batman movies than kids--absurd. Opportunity lost.

Where have all the family-oriented fare gone from the movies?

If it's not LGBTQ-friendly, Political, raw sex, "Mission Impossible" or "Bourne" whatever, then it's not made. The movie marketers will have to learn that they are ignoring the kids and family demographic at their own peril.

All that changes tomorrow when Disney's new family/adult/KID movie, "Pete's Dragon" opens.

I won't ruin the movie for you and your family. I think you should see it--in droves.

It's got Robert Redford as a storyteller extraordinaire. It's got tremendous child actors. It's got a great leading lady in Bryce Dallas Howard and well-cast supporting actors.

It has a strong story-line; well-written. Rare these days.

It has exceptional character development that draws you in and gets you involved in their, and the overall story. It moves along but is not rushed.

It will tweak your emotions. If you're a child you may cry out of happiness not fear; heck you may cry if you're an adult. That's how good it is.

And it's got the dragon of course. Not the dark, sinister, scaly, reptilian, Game of Thrones-type dragon, mind you, but a green, furry, cuddly and emotionally responsive dragon with only good intent.

Until ... imbecilic humans who don't understand a good dragon and his human-boy friend, try to sedate and use him as a King Kong-like attraction for fun and profit. Then, he starts showing what he can do if displeased.

But most of all, after all the crying and emotional connections, the audience is left with a strong, sensible and happy ending achieving closure for the movie-goer.

If you possibly can, go see this movie which opens tomorrow, Friday, August 12 at theaters around America. You won't be sorry. You and your family will leave feeling satisfied and happy.