Disowned By My Daughters After 35 Years Of Drinking, 57 ‘911’ Calls, 170 Days In Jail And 8 Rehabs

Treva, a college professor, admits that she has a drinking problem but says, “My drinking is 10 percent me 95 percent others.”

But her daughters, Morgan and Ashley, claim their mom is “a toxic, violent alcoholic,” who they say is way out of control, and that although she’s been to rehab eight times, hasn’t stayed sober. After 170 days in jail, 57 ‘911’ calls and 8 rehabs, they say they want to disown their mother.

“When my mom’s drinking, she’s physically violent,” Morgan claims, adding that if her mom doesn’t stop her excessive drinking and end the violence, she will walk away for good.

The daughters turn to Dr. Phil for help to save their mother’s life.

In the video above, see what happens when Treva joins Dr. Phil onstage. And, see the results of Treva’s breathalyzer test – which she asked to take – and Treva’s surprising reaction.

“You are at the precipice. This is a threshold, and you need to say, ‘I need to listen to this man and do what he is offering for myself and for my family,” Dr. Phil tells her. “Or, you are going to die and maybe kill somebody else.”

Will Treva accept the help? This all-new episode of Dr. Phil airs Thursday. Check here to see where you can watch.



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