Dispatch From A Mojave Desert Motel 6

If there is anyone out there wondering if I made it out of Iceland a couple weeks ago, the answer is yes. The freakish high winds finally calmed down long enough to fly home. But if you're wondering where I am right this minute you can find me in the Mojave desert at the Motel 6 in the middle of a freak wind storm!! Believe me I wouldn't make this up.

This is the third crazy wind storm I have been in in the last two months! I am in extreme weather hell. First the Santa Ana's and Malibu fires, then Iceland and now this. Like the Griswold's family Christmas road trip, we packed up the car, loaded up assorted kids and headed for beautiful Mammoth ski resort.

Just two hours in (two rest stops and one DVD later) the wind kicks up just past Lancaster and with it a full scale brown out sand storm! Traffic slowed to a crawl, white knuckles gripped the steering wheel and we inched forward. Then a police car blocked the way and said all roads leading to Mammoth are closed till the winds die down.

Probably tomorrow morning, maybe.