Dispatch from the Stop Global Warming Tour

The show at Texas A&M was reinforcement of why its so important to be talking about global warming in the south. When Sheryl asked the audience how many of them drove hybrid cars, I think maybe two people raised their hand. There is work to be done here. Back on the bus, Tim Smith the guitar player and the George Burns to Sheryl's on-stage Gracie Allen (I had no idea how funny Sheryl was) proposed we play the game he calls "guilty pleasures." Everyone had to go around and say well just that...one thing they still do but feel guilty about. Some of this crew is hard core enviro so it was really interesting to hear what they listed. Tim's was taking long, hot baths and keeping the water running while he soaked. Man did the group jump on him for that!!! But I loved this game because it just goes to the point that no one can hit the gold bar of perfection. That expecting absolute flawlessness just gives people an excuse to give up and do nothing. As the saying goes, "perfect is the enemy of good." That it isn't about everyone doing everything but it's about everyone doing something. And if Tim starts to feel guilty enough maybe, just maybe, he will turn that faucet off sooner.

It's morning now and things are getting a little confusing. I feel asleep at midnight rolling down route 6:10 and when I woke up I couldn't figure out what time it was. I really had to go to the bathroom but if it was too early I didn't want to open the door and wake Sheryl up. Yikes how long can I hold out??? Wait, its 8 am and we are in Louisiana. Yea I'm going for that door!! I look out the window and see our filmmaker Danielle Lurie in the parking lot interviewing a passerby, in her global warming pajamas!! Danielle still hasn't come up with her guilty pleasure. She may be the one saint among us.