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DISPATCH: I Can Do It, You Can Do It

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Community equals immunity. Something good happens to your primordial grid when you're spending time with like-minded folks. Knowledge is shared. Inspiration is gifted. New seeds are planted.

I attended my first Hay House I Can Do It conference in NYC a few weeks ago and got to experience the resonance first-hand. The collagen of consciousness literally rebuilds our bodies. An idea grows stronger when it is shared, A Course in Miracles reminds us; may the nuggets below galvanize you to step into your highest self. Happy New Year!


Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life
Dr. Wayne Dyer attended in spirit and his teaching rang truer than ever. My key take-away is his phrase, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." That's all you need.


Honor Your Inner Artist
Listening to and honoring our inner artist is close to Cheryl Richardson's heart. She takes singing lessons just for the pleasure of it because it's part of the expression of her soul. That's radical self-care. Stand up for your gifts because "the world needs artists and healers." And remember, Cheryl says, "when you ask the universe to support you, take action when it does." Now go out and kick some ass.


Goddesses Never Age
La Diosa Northrup rocked the house with her trailblazing message that aging, commonly defined as a loss of life force, is optional. What a concept! It takes a supportive community to develop the collagen of courage to go beyond the pale. Redefine what it means to be advanced in years; drop age (because it's a cage); and realize that you're in charge of creating your best life. MORE here and here and here. And remember: "There is no death, and your job is to live while you're here. And to have flexible hamstrings."


Epigenetics Galore
The inimitable Dr. Bruce Lipton gave a fabulously engaging and enlightening talk on the power of epigenetics. Our lifestyle choices determine which genes are turned on and off. Simple as that. And who controls your lifestyle? That's right, YOU! The notion that you're a victim of your genes and predestined to a certain dis-ease because it runs in your family is old news. The reason certain issues are being displayed by several generations is because they're sharing the same lifestyle (i.e., junk food, smoking, lack of exercise, negative thoughts). As Dr. Bruce says, "You are the master of your genes." And lifestyle comes down to energy. "You are a tuning fork. Your thoughts are energy vibration. What energy are you sending out? You feng shui yourself."


Leave it to Gabby Bernstein to fuse spiritual principles with supreme practicality. Sharing stories from her own life on the power of forgiveness, she reinforced on stage what we know in our hearts: "Lean towards joy and you will be led. Joy is freedom. Joy is the movement. Joy is the creator." Yes, there's a time for anger, sadness, and grief. That's human, natural, and necessary. But thriving happens elsewhere. It's where we're committed to love, open to the beauty of the world, and enthused with the light of life. En-theos translates into "god within," and that's where the magic happens. "Our greatest power is our capacity to tune in to the cosmos." Amen.


Wake Up
Dr. Barbara De Angelis closed out the event with a powerful talk on how to truly transform. "Transformation is shifting how you're vibrating," she says. "You're a vibrational offering to the world." That's the gem right there. Realize you're always vibrating, always giving off energies. In order to uplift yourself, your loved ones, and our beautiful planet, we need to raise our vibrations. Love, peace, joy, kindness, compassion, and gratitude are high-vibe thoughts that translate directly into luminous life experiences. How're you choosing to vibrate today?