Dispatches From a Twitter Revolutionary

I first got interested in Iran a couple of days ago when I looked at my Facebook and saw that everyone's updates were about the demonstrations. I looked at the pictures and determined that I really supported @Mousavi because everyone looked so cool on the street. So together. Like at an Obama rally. Then I thought, now here is my chance to tweet about something global and important. I've been kind of just posting about my own website (which aggregates articles on emerging new technology trends) and the restaurants I've been to and of course retweeting other things I find silly. I felt like something with a little substance would make me more balanced. I like to give back.

I retweeted some stuff about @Mousavi's call to the streets. Then I had a bowl of Captain Crunch. I tweeted about that too. But quickly I was back to the revolution at hand. Whoa! How things had escalated! @MAhmadinejad got all "no you di-in't" and started a crackdown. People were getting shot in the street. I got a piece of pizza for lunch because I needed something I could eat one-handed so that I could continue spreading the news about this revolution I was now part of. I posted pictures to my Facebook. I put stuff on tumblr. I went to a media meet up and discussed it with other people big in the world of new media.

Now after a full two days of twittering and updating almost nonstop (check out my feed), the media is finally giving me and all of my fellow tweeter twits the credit we deserve. I just hope @SupremeLeaderK gets it together and intervenes on behalf of all of us @Mousavi supporters. Then I can finally relax and catch up on Hulu.