DISPATCH: Why This Ancient Vedic Practice Trumps Any New Year's Resolution


Did you set resolutions on New Year's Day? Did you maybe decide to eat more healthfully? Move more joyfully, love more wholeheartedly, work more purposefully, relax more blissfully? How're those resolutions working for you?

The issue with New Year's resolutions is that they barely make it to the end of the month. Come February lots of folks are back to eating more, moving less, complaining more, loving less, spending more, creating less. How come those plans don't stick?

Intention has to be integrated. Desire has to be fused with the Divine. New Year's resolutions don't stick because we make them with our mind. Our body, soul, and spirit are left out. And as holistic beings we can only thrive through wholeness. Separation doesn't lead to alignment.

The ancient Vedic practice of Sankalpa (spirit intention) allows us to integrate our desires on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Through asana (yoga poses), kriya (series of postures), pranayama (breathing), and mudras (hand gestures) our physical body can be attuned to the subtle bodies which allows us to access our chakras. Mantras specific to each chakra help us activate our connection to these energy centers and reveal our sankalpa to us. When we're tapped in we're turned on, to paraphrase Abraham-Hicks.

So what is it that you do want? Big intentions thrive on big love. The recent sankalpa session at ABC Home was led by none other than Alan Finger and Sarah Platt-Finger, with an introduction by Deepak Chopra and sonic support by Aya & Tyler. The gathering served as a kickoff into a 30-day practice. In order to fly high, we want to root deep. The full house of luminous souls moved gently, aligned brightly, and grounded wholly. It's going to be a good year because you make it so. What's your sankalpa?

[The intention support team: Alan Finger, Deepak Chopra, Sarah Platt-Finger, Tyler and Aya].





Intention has to be integrated. Desire has to be fused with the Divine.



Separation doesn't lead to alignment.