3 Tips To Help You Display Your Photos Like A Pro

Interior designer Nate Berkus shares his secrets.

As any interior designer will tell you, there's an art to arranging personal photos in your home both beautifully and thoughtfully. To make your photograph collection stand out and look like a professionally arranged display, follow these three universal tips from designer Nate Berkus.

Use frames of different materials.

While it may seem easy to purchase a collection of matching frames and call it a day, Berkus says this is a shortcut you don't want to take. Instead, he suggests playing with different materials and textures, from wood and metal to stone and leather.

"Buy them when you see them, when you're traveling, at flea markets, at garage sales," Berkus says. "Interesting frames are always easy to find."

Play with different sizes and shapes.

Don't shy away from large, bold frames paired with smaller, delicate ones. There's beauty and character in the diversity. "Horizontally... vertically... rectangular. Little details make all the different," Berkus says.

Keep frames all turned at the same angle.

Here's where you do want some uniformity, according to Berkus. With all those different types of frames on your tabletop or mantle, make sure the frames are all pointed in the same direction.

"I always go into people's homes [and] I see frames turned at different angles," he says. "That's not the way to tell a story through pictures."

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