Here Are The Countries Where People Have The Most Money To Spend

People in Switzerland seem to have some mighty thick wallets.

A new infographic from Movehub, a site that provides information for those looking to move abroad, shows a global breakdown of personal disposable income, defined here as a person's income "after all taxes have been paid." According to the data, Switzerland sees by far the highest disposable monthly income ($6,301), nearly twice that of the United States ($3,258).

Here's a look at the average personal disposable income in countries around the world:

europe screnshot

While people in the U.S. enjoy one of the world's highest monthly disposable incomes by average, things can vary significantly among regions within the country's borders. The average person in Washington D.C., for example, has roughly double the amount of monthly disposable income as the average person in Mississippi.

usa screegrab

A pretty clear split can also be seen between Eastern and Western Europe:

europe screengrab

Movehub created the maps using stats from Numbeo, a website that crowdsources data globally across a variety of subject areas. Depending on the nation, the data for this collection was gathered from 2010 to 2014.

For more details on disposable income around the world, check out Movehub's full infographic.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post incorrectly interpreted a portion of Movehub's infographic as a ranking of the countries with the highest average monthly disposable income. In fact, the infographic provided examples of countries' disposable income around the world but did not rank the examples given.