Dissecting the Cultural Code of China with Andy Molinsky

Dissecting the Cultural Code of China with Andy Molinsky
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Today's episode of As Told By Nomads is a special one as it is with cross cultural expert Andy Molinsky. Many of you will remember him from Episode 77 when he discussed Global Dexterity. Today's episode is the first part of a ten episode series highlighting the cultural codes of 10 countries. According to Andy,

Most of us collaborate with teams across borders and cultures on a regular basis, whether we spend our time in the office or out on the road. And when we do, it's essential to have a quick sense of the "code" of the new culture we're operating in.

With this in mind he developed an e-book that provides a executive summary of 10 different cultural codes that you can download here.

He uses the following six-dimensional framework to capture the differences across cultures.

  1. Directness: How straightforwardly do people typically communicate in this culture?
  2. Enthusiasm: How much positive emotion and energy do they typically show?
  3. Formality: How much deference and respect do people typically demonstrate?
  4. Assertiveness: How strongly do people typically express voice their opinions?
  5. Self-Promotion: How acceptable is it for people to speak about their accomplishments?
  6. Personal Disclosure: How much do people typically reveal about themselves? I hope this handy guide gives

Be sure to grab Andy's free E-book for mastering 10 cultural codes from around the world: http://www.andymolinsky.com/download-cheat-sheet-to-10-cultural-codes-from-around-the-world/

Today's episode will focus on China. Hope you enjoy!
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