Dissolve Your Shadows to Radiate More Love


The Mercury finally joined the rest of the planets in their forward motion on January 8, 2017. Even the swift Divine Messenger can be late every so often, especially when running backwards. We have entered 2017 last week, but the memo only arrived today. The old 2016 can now be let go, at last.

All the planets are in sync, moving forward through February 5, when Jupiter, the benevolent leader, turns retrograde. We have four weeks of wonderful auspicious time ahead of us. Don't start rushing though. Yes, go onward with your projects and new ideas, but at a steady, sustainable pace. We're in the middle of Winter after all; Spring is still more than two months away.

During the cold months, the Soul ventures into the realm of feelings. We're invited to explore our emotions, and work on issues they evoke. As humans, we can feel on two levels: the lower regions of our personality, and the upper regions of our Highest Self. The earthly ego, driven by instincts and desires, tends to be preoccupied with emotions. Fears of all sorts, and the so-called seven "deadly sins"--pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth--arise from this place. Our Highest Self, enlightened by the Spirit Light, perceives feelings, and welcomes the seven Christian or heavenly virtues--prudence, justice, temperance, courage, faith, hope, charity--in their highest manifestation. I like to define feelings as purified emotions. We experience emotions at the crude stage of our human development, while feelings appear when we begin to refine our sensibilities. Tending the Spirit fire within purges the base impulses, often generated due to external stimuli, and transforms them into nourishing insights. This is a deep personal process, which can be quite challenging. Facing one's own demons, fed by our fears, is far from comfortable. The information coming at us from outside, promising quick and polished solutions, is so alluring. Perhaps that's why so many are seduced by flashy advertisements, boisterous commercials, smooth-surface objects. People are trying to silence their inner voice by too much action too soon. Beginning of January tends to turn into an anxious New Year resolution race. "You have to make it work this year, you looser," screams the lower ego. So we start off with fragmented to-do lists, instead of the wholesome and soulful self-exploration process.

We need to purge the egoistic drives. Once we are free of lower desires, we are filled with pure Love to nurture ourselves and others. We rise above the cold of Winter into the warmth of the bright Sun within.

Only in the quiet of the Soul we can reach our heart to radiate pure Love. Only through the power of my Spirit I, my Highest Self, I can cleanse earthly illusions and delusions.


Find the balance between your inner work and outer jobs. Review your schedule and make sure to include regular pockets of solitude. Just for you. Meetings with your Soul that are sacred. Yes, include some physical exercise, but not at the expense of your Soul time. Yes, do some meditation, but don't exclude a more active contemplation. Yes, spend some quality time with friends and family, but don't forget about the time alone.

We have to first wake up within and establish true connection with our inner radiance. Then we can take conscious care of our bodies with integrated movement practices and healthy eating habits. As we are awakening, we are becoming more and more aware of the forces that manipulate us for their own malign purposes. When we see through the shadows, we can transform them into Light. The more enlightened we become, the stronger networks of Light and Love we can create across the globe.

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Over to You, dear Soulful Reader:
What shadows do you need to dissolve to radiate more Love?

This article first appeared on the Soulful Sparks of Inspiration website.