Anything But Coronavirus: 5 Other Things To Obsess Over This Week

This week has been three months. Time to take a brain break.

It’s been another troubling week, as coronavirus cases surge and many questions about preparedness and response are left unanswered. It’s overwhelming and now, more than ever, it’s important to prioritize our mental health.

Part of what that looks like is to remember to un-glue our eyes from Twitter and the news for a few minutes each day and give ourselves a break. ABC ― Anything But Coronavirus ― is our way of making that a bit easier. This week, we delve into a snack food saga, a surprise new podcast and more.

In no particular order, here are five things besides the pandemic we’re obsessed with.

Finding out Courtney Cox plays piano ― really well.

Did you know Courteney Cox plays killer piano? I (didn’t) know! When she shared a video of herself playing with daughter Coco (who has a great voice) on vocals, I did a deep dive on her Instagram ― something I DEFINITELY would have not done unless I had all this time on my hands, I swear ― and was floored by her skills, not to mention her guest stars: Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid (who is also her partner) and Allison Janney.

“Portrait of a Lady on Fire” going on demand

“Portrait of a Lady on Fire” holds a special place in my heart because it was the last film I saw before the movies closed down, and it’s also just absolutely stunning, both in terms of scenery and story-telling. Plus, it offers a fine example of what good social distancing looks like. It’s now available on Hulu, just in time for the weekend, if you’re still keeping track of days.

“Several years ago I was at a party (BRAG!), and I spotted a box of Triscuits,” writer Sage Boggs tweeted on Wednesday. “I asked everyone, ‘What does the word ‘Triscuit’ mean? It’s clearly based on the word ‘BISCUIT,’ but what does the ‘TRI” mean?’ (I’m great at parties.)” What follows is a true rollercoaster and ― we won’t spoil the ending, but just know that Triscuit ultimately confirmed Boggs’ findings were true. What a world.

The only thing that has been missing from my viewing of “Tiger King” (truly the only thing, the show has everything) is a group of friends to debrief with. The Netflix Party Chrome extension allows subscribers to watch in tandem with their friends and argue over which Joe Exotic song is the best one, among other things.

Samin Nosrat’s new surprise home cooking podcast.

Just as I was considering re-watching “Salt Fat Acid Heat” as form of visual anti-anxiety medication, Nosrat hit us with a surprise “emergency” podcast called “Home Cooking” all about using the ingredients we have, answering cooking questions from listeners and undoubtedly Nosrat’s signature charm. According to a release, “each episode will loosely revolve around an ingredient theme, with the first episode focusing on one of Samin’s favorites, beans!” Same girl.

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