Dita Von Teese Thinks All Women Should Own These Items

Besides a good red lipstick, Teese believes having self-confidence and individualistic glamour is just as important.
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Image credit: Dita Von Teese for AOL BUILD

There's no doubt the Dita Von Teese is the epitome of burlesque sexiness - Tesse is the pinup girl we all want to be; dark, sensual, captivating and individually retro. Teese is all glamour and embraces being "unconventionally beautiful." The natural blonde who now dons jet-black tresses is also the muse of Christian Louboutin, loves makeup, corsetry and retro fashion. Praised by RuPaul, Jean Paul Gaultier and her ex-husband Marilyn Manson, the retro burlesque beauty gives her beauty tips and advice in her new book, Your Beauty Mark.


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Teese visited AOL BUILD to discuss her new book, body image and how a small town natural blonde from the midwest became an international fashion and style icon.

Besides a good red lipstick, Teese believes having self-confidence and individualistic glamour is just as important.

"It's really about celebrating the things that makes you different from other people," explains Teese. Teese, who has her own lingerie line that's available at Nordstroms and Bare Necessities, explains what pivotal items every woman, no matter what dress size should own and wear.

Black Lace Lingerie
Let's face it, black is sexy and so is lace so this should be an easy one. Teese's collection has beautiful lingerie that comes in black and various colors that looks great for everyday wear.


Image credit: Dita Von Teese Collection on Nordstroms

I'm also a huge fan Bandelettes because their thigh bands stop chaffing and it's plus-size friendly. I have the onyx and chocolate ones. In the picture below, I'm wearing Bandelettes and an Alter Ego Clothing corset.


Image credit: Fabulize magazine and Fabulize magazine Instagram


Image credit: Bandelettes.com

What's sexier than black? Nude. Nude Barre offers durable and comfortable tights in every hue and sizes are available up to XXL.


Image credit: Nude Barre

Great Fitting Bra

An outfit is just as good as your bra. A great bra can change your posture, shape and outfit which can boost your self-confidence. Plus, who wants to have their bra digging in their skin or readjusting during the day? Nobody has time for that!


Image credit: Lane Bryant


Image credit: Dita Von Teese Collection on Nordstroms

Buy Your Favorite Underwear in Different Cuts

Teese feels like every woman should buy her favorite panties in different cuts. Boy shorts, thongs, full coverage and hipsters all apply. If you fancy nude colored panties and briefs and have a hard time finding nude-colored lingerie for browner tones, Nubian Skin offers a variety of hues.


Image credit: Nubian Skin


Image credit: Dita Von Teese Collection from Nordstroms

Garter Belt and Stockings
Nothing is sexier than stocking and garter belts and it brings out your inner sex kitten. These can be work under your work attire or when you are home and of course Dita Von Teese has you covered there too.


Image credit: Dita Von Teese Collections from Nordstroms

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