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Ditch The Trends, Liberate The Risque, And Create A Wedding Of Your Dreams

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Tell me, honestly, how many times have you seen the image of the same floral peony bouquet wrapped in blush tulle on your Facebook feed or bridal magazines or the wedding blogs you follow? Too many, right? After a while it seems as if you are looking at the same wedding over and over again on all the different social media channels. But, really, they are not the same wedding.

So, how about we drop the notion that we need to follow the trends in order to make our wedding look incredibly gorgeous? How about we embrace the 'un-think' and work towards creating a little bit of 'ish' so that those photos that we look at years down the road remind us of what we were made of, and who we really were.

As a photographer, I always encourage my couples to talk to me about things, places and colors that inspire them, and that they enjoy together. We then work out a details of a session (both engagement and wedding) that allows them to explore those passions and interests. We work together to create a comfortable camaraderie so that there is room for a little adventure and authenticity.

To all the engaged couples out there, please know that your most special day, your wedding, doesn't have to be color coordinated to the rhythm of popular trends. It should instead represent your silliness, your quirkiness, your crazy awesome love. And, when it comes to photographs, rest assured, you will be proud to show those photos to your grandkids.

So, how about I help you find out a few ways you can achieve that:

1. Erase the trend, and fill in with your passion
When you sit down to plan your wedding, the first thing you need to do is block the word "trendy" or "trends" from your planning dictionary. Instead, list out the places you've traveled together to and pick out your favorite from them and what aspects about that place made it your favorite. Maybe you want to include some elements of that place in your wedding. Or if you like to go to museums together, bring in elements from that in your wedding, such as, small terrarium boxes as favors (tons of vendors on etsy), decorate with vines and leaves instead of flowers or buy mini canvas from a craft store and create your own masterpieces for your guests as favors.

[The bride and groom crafted this stunning gold backdrop for their wedding]

2. Be bold
Honestly, what makes a wedding memorable are the photos. So, look for a photographer who can capture your beautiful relationship as is. Have your engagement session in a trapeze studio if you like flying, and during the wedding day, allow the photographer to really get in and dirty with all the emotions exploding around. Don't go for the safe shots, go for those photos that scream "you" and allocate enough time for the photographer to create those sick bride and groom portraits for your during sunset. You will be thanking me later.


3. Keep it close, keep it personal
Sometimes the best settings are when you have the time and energy to celebrate your wedding with each and every soul who made the effort to attend it. So, don't worry about numbers. If you have only 30 people to invite, then rock on! For instance, charter a boat and celebrate in style with those who really matter. Everyone else can enjoy via those super awesome photos!


4. Unique venues, with unique voices
Yes, a venue sets the mood and expectations for the day. So, don't let that go dry in a ballroom. From yachts to zoos to state parks to public libraries to old mining mills...the possibilities are endless. Let the venue speak uniquely of your unique love story.


5. Dress up, dress right or dress left
What's in a wedding dress? A lot, that I agree with. But, again, who says that a gold sequined gown with your grandmother's lace is any less gorgeous than that $20,000 couture one that every bride has already worn. And, who says that bridesmaid wearing pant suits is a total shocker? That's one. So, don't let the fashion gods dampen your fashionably forward spirit. If it feels right, guess what, it probably is right.


Listen, I am no expert at wedding planning, but after having been in the industry for a while I can safely say that following your heart and liberating its power in the planning process can do wonders. From the details to the glorious photos - you will be truly see your love shine. And, who wants to see the same peony bouquet wrapped in blush tulle for the millionth time?
Anyone? Anyone?