Diva Dance Scene From 'The Fifth Element' Is As Impressive With A Green Screen

If you've seen "The Fifth Element," then one scene probably sticks out in your mind -- the Diva dance.

That's right, you know the one. But if you don't, stream this movie immediately on Netflix.

The Diva impressed us all with her alien vocal range and crazy dance moves, but what did this scene look like during the filming process?

Check out the video above to see the Diva do her thing in front of a green screen. Even without the superimposed background, the scene is almost as impressive as it appears in the movie.

The voice of the Diva is dubbed by Albanian soprano Inva Mula, who impressively sings the whole aria only with the help of editing where the pitches change too fast for a human voice. Maïwenn lip syncs and dances the part.



  • 1 Is that Messi? Let's get him
  • 2 Do we really need Victor Moses?
  • 3 Do not disturb....oh well
  • 4 Short back and sides Sir?
  • 5 Tatts got to hurt
  • 6 Wayne will pack a punch
  • 7 Pull.........
  • 8 We're ready for you
  • 9 Hey Ronnie, are you busy, we need you
  • 10 Team assembled
  • 11 Ok guys, let's do this...