10 Diverse And Heartwarming Christmas Books For Kids Of All Ages

Because children deserve to see all kinds of people in the holiday books they read.
These 10 children's books feature young people and other protagonists from diverse backgrounds.
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These 10 children's books feature young people and other protagonists from diverse backgrounds.

Children’s literature is slowly but surely coming along in featuring characters of different races, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

But many Christmas books still predominantly feature white characters, including one very specific vision of Santa. And that can give some kids the message that Christmas magic is more for someone else, not them.

With that in mind, here are 10 charming books that really celebrate the Christmas season — and that will help ensure your family’s holiday book collection is even more inclusive and full of love, no matter your own background.

'Santa In The City'
Penguin Random House
This sweet new picture book features Deja, a city kid who is worried Santa won't visit her because she doesn't have a chimney. It's also one of a small (but hopefully growing!) number of children's books featuring a Black Santa Claus.

Get it from Amazon for $14.93.
'The Real Santa'
Penguin Random House
This imaginative new book follows a Black family on their journey to discover what the "real" Santa looks like — and reminds readers that magical creatures should never be limited in their expression!

Get it from Amazon for $17.01.
''Twas Nochebuena'
Penguin Random House
Get wrapped up in the excitement of Nochebuena in this family-filled book that walks readers through everything from preparing tamales to singing holiday songs.

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'Tree Of Cranes'
Houghton Mifflin
It's not a new book, but this beautiful story is full of Christmas magic as a Japanese boy learns all about the holiday when his mother helps him decorate a tree with paper cranes.

Get it from Amazon for $6.59.
'I Got The Christmas Spirit'
This happy book is sure to get kiddos ready for the holiday, as it delights in the sounds and sights of the Christmas season.

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'The Day Santa Stopped Believing In Harold'
Penguin Random House
If you have a Santa skeptic in your midst, this funny story — featuring a multiracial family and a very dubious Santa Claus — is for you.

Get it from Amazon for $9.69.
'The Nutcracker In Harlem'
HarperCollins Publishers
This beautiful picture book retells the story of the beloved Christmas ballet in Harlem.

Get it from Amazon for $16.31.
'Silent Night'
Frances Lincoln Children's Books
The illustrations accompanying the words of this classic Christmas carol are stunning, and a great way to introduce preschool-age readers to the Nativity story.

Get it from Amazon for $8.19.
'The Vanderbeekers Of 141st Street'
Clarion Books
For kids in the 7-11 age range, this chapter book tells the story of the Vanderbeekers, a large, multiracial family facing the prospect of losing their home a week before Christmas. (Don't fret: They win it back with their charm and smarts.)

Get it from Amazon for $6.89.
'A World Of Cookies For Santa'
Clarion Books
This clever book teaches children about cultures around the world through Christmas cookies — and what they look and taste like everywhere from Russia to Malawi.

Get it from Amazon for $16.19.

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