Diversity and Inclusion Are Not Anti-Science
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March For Science on Washington is the newest protest to manifest itself under the Trump Presidency. The march joins the past Women’s March and the upcoming General Strike as an act of defiance against a president who doesn’t act with the country’s best interests in mind. Like, you know, pretending global warming isn’t a thing…

The March for Science is a call to action to help support and safeguard the scientific community. Donald Trump’s recent policy changes have caused a mischaracterization of science. It is time for people who support scientific research and evidence-based policies to take a public stand. So take part, stand in solidarity on Earth Day, April 22, and go to the March For Science on Washington.

As you can imagine, there have been more than few critics calling this march out for being susceptible to agendas of “social justice warriors”. There has been a strange backlash in the scientific community that believes diversity and inclusion are anti-science.

YouTuber Steve Shives is urging people to reconsider. Diversity, inclusion, and equality are necessary conditions for the good of the human condition and are by no means anti-science. The below video showcases that making science more inclusive for everyone is not a political issue. It’s about creating a fair and just society of study.

Don’t let people sway your passions with identity politics or hysteria surrounding political activism. Stand in solidarity.

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