Diversity & Inclusion in Sports: African-American men leading America’s tennis industry [2nd Edition]

The 2017 US Open Tennis Championships has crowned its 2017 Women’s Singles champion, Sloane Stephens, who walked away with the win over her good friend, Madison Keys. Tomorrow, Rafael Nadal will take on South Africa’s Kevin Anderson for the men’s crown.

Celebrating the 20th year of hosting the finals in the wondrous Arthur Ashe Stadium, the legacy and spirit of Ashe is not only commemorated by the monument, but also embodied and exalted by many of today’s American tennis leaders and custodians of the sport, specifically African-American men. 

In the spirit of acknowledging Diversity and Inclusion in American tennis, the following is the second installment of Diversity & Inclusion in Sports: African-American men leading America’s tennis industry.

“My potential is more than can be expressed within the bounds of my race or ethnic identity.” — Arthur Ashe, Days of Grace: A Memoir

Willie Emerson || American Tennis Association President || Maryland

Bernie Chavis || American Tennis Association Part President, Executive and Author || Pennsylvania

Mark Riley || Boys' 18 & 16 National Championships Director and Kalamazoo College Men's Tennis Head Coach || Michagan

Jimmy McDaniel || American Tennis Player || California

George Henry || GTen Servies Founder and USPTA Certified Coach || Pennsylvania

Marcell Freeman || Former ATP Touring Pro and UCLA All-American || New York

Juan Farrow || Southern Illinois-Edwardsville University Hall of Fame Inductee and All-America || Virginia

John Wilkerson || Zina Garrison Academy Senior Director of Tennis, Former Touring Pro and USPTA Certified Teaching Pro || Texas

Henry Brandon || Former Touring Pro and NCAA National Team Champion || California

Bob Davis || Black Tennis Hall of Fame Executive Director || Florida

Jerome Jones || Safe Passage Foundations Executive and Competitive Junior Player || California

Eric Riley || Former ATP Touring Pro, Hitting Partner and World-Class Coach || Pennsylvania

George Guy || Philadelphia Tennis Club President || Pennsylvania

Dr. Reginald Weir || American Tennis Player and Physician || New Jersey

Dr. Franklyn Scott || American Tennis Association Immediate Past President || Pennsylvania

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