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Diversity of Voices & Values

Here is a list of books to demonstrate that America does not lack for authentic, coherent, integral voices and values -- right now it lacks for honest leadership.
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Poor No Labels. A million dollars wasted, all because the donors and the recipients are so out of touch with America they simply don't "get" the fact that the two-party tyranny is a "walking dead man," and a diversity of voices & values has emerged across America and around the world.

With today's posting, I point to twelve of the lists of books reviews from Book Review Lists (Positive). For each list, I highlight two books from within that list. My intent is to demonstrate that America does not lack for authentic, coherent, integral voices & values -- right now it lacks for honest leadership. Labels or No Labels, America has no leaders worth a warm bucket of spit. From wing-nuts to buffoons to frauds, we have no bench. The time has come, in my view, to retire an entire generation of local, state, and national "leaders," and to make way for the younger generation, the digitally literate generation, for whom secrecy is a connectivity outage to be routed around.






Review: A Constitutional History of Secession

Review: Secession-How Vermont and All the Other States Can Save Themselves from the Empire

It has not been easy, picking the best two from among those I have read within each list, and I know there are tens of thousands of other books I have not read and do not even realize exist. That is why I believe in Collective Intelligence as pioneered by Tom Atlee, George Por, Pierre Levy, and many others.

Tom Atlee makes the point the greatest clarity: when you have CITIZENSHIP, "transpartisanship" becomes moot if not a cancer. This is about the whole, not the factions. This is about WE, in which every diversity of voice & value must be embraced in defining and nurturing the We. There are 65 political parties in America. It's time we overwhelm the "top two" and open ourselves up to ALL voices & values. We.

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