'Divest It Like It's Hot': These Students Have Vests on, You Won't Believe What They Do Next

"I got McKibben on the phone and I'm gonna protest, gotta stop climate change; you know its time to divest."

It's not the first time that 350.org's Bill McKibben has been name dropped in a music video, but it may just be the best. Fresh out of Santa Clara University is a new anthem for the fossil fuel divestment movement, "Divest It Like It's Hot."

In a video that features the Bernie Lean, ballet, and yes, lots of vests, the Santa Clara divestment crew breaks down the case for ditching fossil fuels:

Let me tell it to you straight
Our business model today just isn't okay
We're majorly stuck, you know that it's cray,
In the shortsighted precedent of yesterday
We got C02 levels going out the wazoo
And a toxic addiction to fossil fuels
These corporations are destructive, arrogant and dumb
The way they're burning carbon like it's 451

Let's keep them accountable, show 'em what the score is
Cause with massive subsidies they're still making record profits
They break the bank while the water gets higher
And as the planet gets hotter
It's coming down to the wire
How do we escape this system of destruction?
Let's remove our stakes - it's a matter of deduction

This spring, the divestment movement has been heating up across the country, with sit-ins from Washington University in St. Louis to Harvard, endorsements from leaders like Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu and UN Climate Secretary Christiana Figueres, and big moves by groups like NRDC to establish fossil free funds and indexes.

Now, the movement also has something to dance too. Which campus will come up with the next big divestment hit?