Divine Help For The Holidays With Your Trump-Supporting Family

Unless everyone in your family votes the same, you could be in for some stressful moments come Thanksgiving Day. It doesn't have to be that way if you take a bit of advice from Jesus. Determining to see them as family is not as hard at is it may seem.

Many people know the story of “The Prodigal Son” (Luke 15:11-32), which tells us about a real squanderer of resources, a waster of assets. If you think that President Trump’s administration is wasting, among other things, the planet, you’d be correct. A glaring example is how this week, while other countries’ ministers went to demonstrate how they are phasing out coal, a sharply reduced delegation from U.S. showed up to defend the use of fossil fuels.

I have decided that I do not want to be like the elder brother in the story, who becomes resentful over the lavish love shown by his father toward his remorseful brother, who has lost everything. Dad is so delirious over the sight of his missing son that he doesn't even give him time to apologize, but his elder son won’t even acknowledge him as brother, and refers to him as “your son.”

You need not deny that Mr. Trump and his supporters are complicit in destruction, but you must not let your heart be part of the collateral damage. Be informed. Be aware of the loss of American gravitas, of national dignity. Be aware of the loss of global geopolitical stability. Be aware of the loss of respect for women. Be aware of the loss of security for racial, religious, as well as sexual and gender identity, minorities. Be aware of the loss of healthcare market stability. Be aware of the loss of the truth. Mourn the loss of hope. Your Trump-enthusiast father, or sister, may be in denial over these things, which can be maddening, until you remember that however wasteful these people are, they are family.

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