Divine Mother

To celebrate this day when we honor mothers of all shapes and sizes I simply call us to remember that we have all come from the One mother of Life. We honor the mother because it is where life is first conceived, held in the sacred womb, brooded over and protected with Love and Light and birthed into existence. On this blessed day I offer an amazing poem written by Religious Science Founder Dr. Ernest Holmes from Pages 360 & 361 of the Science of Mind Textbook.


Asleep in the heart of Cosmic Love,

Unborn... Universal... Potential,

The Christ Child lay.

And the great Mother Soul,

Brooding over her unborn child,

Conceived it in the stillness

Of her Universal Nature,

Imparting to it her own being.

Born into time and experience,

Unnoticed, Unseen, yet alive and aware,

The Christ Child incarnated in human form,

Taking the likeness of men and women,

Yet giving no sign of Its presence,

Waiting with utmost patience and love

The revelation that should disclose Itself

An proclaim the reign of peace.

Many ages passed and vanished

In the long yesterdays of time,

And still the Christ Child waited.

Nations appeared and disappeared;

Toil - famine - pestilence and want,

Hunger - cold - heat - and thirst,

War - hatred - blood and ruin,

And still the seed of Perfection - Unrevealed.

But the Universal Wholeness

Cannot be forever subjected,

Nor Cosmic Love be kept from human form,

That which was given must be revealed.

The seed of Perfection must burst.

The shoots of heavenly planting

Must break the cords that bind,

Fanning the human into a blaze Divine.

And so the long appointed day arrived,

A voice from out the stillness

Spoke: "This is my Beloved Son -

Let the earth be still in his presence,

Let the beasts of the field... the birds of the air

And all living creatures, be still.

Let the hosts of heaven sing praises,

And let deep cry unto deep."

Then spoke the child:

"I am come to bring peace,

I am the child of joy, and

To all who will, I give life.

I am formed of happiness.

I am come from the eternal stillness.

Quietness and confidence are mine.

In the heart of the Father I have lived forever.

"Oh Nations and all people,

Look unto me and be saved.

Behold my face, shining as the sun,

And my feet, shod with righteousness.

In my left hand are riches and honor

And in my right, peace forevermore,

All that I am - All that I have -

I give."