Divine People: The Time is Now

Divine people -- the time is now.

Find someone and help them. Find someone and love them. Reach out and contribute to the great bank of the universe that is called "the kindness of strangers." Trust that, if you give when you can, you can request when you need. And, at some point, we all need.

Look around your community. Learn about someone unlike you and lend a hand. Help someone. Give to others if you find yourself somewhere, somehow:

  • Not suffering from a virus that makes you bleed to death from your insides -- or may make you a pariah in your community if you dare to survive it.
  • Not contemplating suicide at this very minute -- or feeling completely hopeless due to a lack of options, a lack of opportunity, a lack of support, or a lack of understanding or compassion.
  • Not suffering from a debilitating addiction, or watching a loved one suffer.
  • Not watching your town, your village, your country, go up in flames -- right now.
  • Not being killed while unarmed. Or mourning a family member or friend who was tragically murdered.
  • Not sending your children out into a world where they are crossing dangerous terrain to hopefully, maybe, end up alright or in a better place than they started.
  • Not staggering under the weight of extreme poverty, extreme hunger, and the despair that comes with both.

And, even if you fall into one of these categories , but somehow, by the Grace of God, or the Universe, or Whatever or Whoever gives you strength, you have a little extra to give...help someone. Anyone. It all counts.

If you read a news story and think, "What does that have to do with me?" or if you feel helpless, thinking, "What do I have in common with 'those people' suffering 'over there'?"... scan your mind for unconscious thoughts condemning or distancing you from "the other." Root them out, especially if they are based in fear and bias. Neutralize them.

There is no "those people." We are those people. I am those people. You are those people. We are all interconnected. And we are all called to action at such a time as this.

Reach into your belief system. Consult your faith traditions. Contemplate the wisdom of the ages. Find the things that drive you to do good, to be better, to contribute. Meditate on those things and heed the call. The world needs you to refrain from waiting one more minute to listen to your best self's voice.

Find someone and help them. Find someone and love them. Find someone and learn from them. The world needs you to do something.

Divine people -- the time is now.