Diving Pigs Make For Tastier Bacon, Says Chinese Farmer Huang Demin

WATCH: Diving Pigs Make For Tastier Bacon, Says Farmer

One Chinese pig farmer says he has an usual way to produce better tasting bacon. Huang Demin of Ningxiang county in Hunan province makes his pigs dive, every day, from a roughly 10-foot-tall wooden platform into a pond.

China Daily writes that Huang believes the diving improves the pigs' immunity against disease, enabling them to eat more and grow faster. The quality of the pork, he claims, is greatly improved as a result.

Whether or not that's true, we can't deny that a sty's-worth of diving pigs makes for quite a spectacle. Not that they seem to enjoy it; Huang has to push the pigs forcefully before they're willing to jump. The amount of squealing in the video below seems to confirm that -- but Huang says they love it in the end. He sells the meat for three times the price of a normal pig.

Watch pigs fly in the video below.

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