There Ain't No Party Like A Divorce Party, And Here's Proof

Think bachelor and bachelorette parties are the be-all and end-all in debauchery? You've obviously never been to a divorce party.

Below, 11 divorce parties that will give you something to look forward to if "till death do us part" doesn't really pan out.

The one where this kind of ridiculous, kind of awesome cake was served.

The one where "Pin The Tail On The Jackass" was played.

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The one where this guy slipped into a wedding gown for irony's sake.

The one that interrupted this class. Happy divorce, Professor Socks And Sandals!

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The one where this minivan had the TIME OF ITS LIFE.

The one where theses two dudes from Galway had THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES.

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The one with mandatory sashes (and selfies).

The one that looks like an outtake from "The Office"

The one with amazing party favors.

The one with PBR... and hipster attendees (duh).

The one with the beef and the pig.

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