Divorce Advice: Back-To-School Tips For Divorced Parents

How To Avoid Back-To-School Blow-Ups: 11 Essentials From Our Divorce Experts

Co-parenting during the summer can be hellish (ever tried coordinating vacation schedules with your ex? It can require strategic abilities Napoleon would have admired). But if there's anything more crazy-making for divorced parents, it's sending kids back to school post-split. Whether the divorce happened long ago or since the school year wrapped last spring, the abrupt end to the lazy days of summer and the onset of stricter schedules, coupled with kids' often complicated school-year routines, is enough to make divorced parents' heads spin.

Instead of trying to solve the myriad challenges that might arise on our own, we asked our HuffPost Divorce experts--co-parents, psychologists, lawyers, educators--to share their best advice on how to handle sending children of divorce back-to-school. Below, check out what they told us, and add your own tips in the comments.

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