Divorce Advice: The Sweetest Thing My Child Told Me After Divorce

Kids Say The Darndest Things... After Divorce

During divorce, you look everywhere for assurance that you're going to make it through. You comb through self-help books, meet with a therapist, confide in your closest friends and read a little too deeply into fortune cookies when you order takeout.

But at the end of the day, when you're tucking your kids into bed or calling them to say goodnight, there's nothing like having your little one remind you, that, hey, it's going to be OK.

Below, we've gathered the sweetest things our followers on Facebook and Twitter said their kids told them after divorce. From the hilarious ("Come here, my beautiful lady! Don't worry… I will buy you jewelry" from an 8-year-old) to the heartening (a simple "I love you, Dad" after nearly eight months apart), click through to see some of our favorite responses, then share your stories in the comments.

The Sweetest Thing My Child Told Me After Divorce

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