12 Small But Powerful Pieces Of Advice For Anyone Going Through Divorce

Going through a divorce is no walk in the park -- in fact, at times it can feel more like a hellish marathon with no finish line in sight.

That's why encouragement is so important. Below, 12 short yet powerful pieces of advice from Redditors who went through divorce and came out the other side.

  1. "Best advice I was given from a relative who had since remarried [who said,] 'At the time I would have done anything to make it work. Now I can't imagine it any other way.'"

  • "Being divorced is easier than getting divorced."
  • "It will take time, but you will get through this and life will get better."
  • "Hit the gym."
  • "The only people that 'win' in a divorce are the lawyers."
  • "You have to love your kids more than you hate your ex."
  • "'What do you mean you're not dating yet? You've been divorced a month already!' (From my grandmother)."
  • "When staying is harder than leaving you know it's time."
  • "'Stay the fuck off Facebook' -- My lawyer."
  • When you are ready to leave, you will know it.
  • "It gets worse before it gets better, but it gets better."
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