Divorce And Children: 30 Ways Readers Say Their Children Benefited From Divorce

30 Ways Kids MayFrom Divorce, According To Readers
father and daughter at breakfast
father and daughter at breakfast

The last thing any parent wants to do is put his or her child through divorce.

Though it's impossible to deny the many hardships children of divorce face, sometimes a split can actually have a positive impact on kids, as writer Stacey Nelkin recently suggested in a HuffPost Divorce blog.

"While divorce may be traumatic for children, it cannot be worse than growing up in a home where their parents can barely contain their animosity towards one another," Nelkin wrote.

With that quote in mind, we asked our followers on Facebook and Twitter to share with us the ways they feel their children benefited from divorce. Click through the slideshow below for some of the most interesting responses -- including a few answers from children of divorce themselves -- then head to the comments to weigh in with your thoughts.

How My Child Benefited From My Divorce

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