Divorce Care Package: 7 Things You Need To Survive Your Split, According To Jeanne Goshe

If there's ever a time you need a little distraction in your life, it's during the divorce process. That's why we launched our Divorce Care Package series. With each post, we'll show you what things -- books, movies, recipes -- helped others relieve stress in the midst of divorce, in the hopes that a few of their picks will serve you well, too. Want to share what got you through your divorce? Email us at divorce@huffingtonpost.com or tweet @HuffPost Divorce

If blogger Jeanne Goshe comes across sunny or surprisingly optimistic, it's for good reason. Along with pal and fellow blogger Jessica Wernz, Goshe runs EveryoneGetsDivorced.com, a blog focused on finding the humor and silver linings in post-split life.

Below, Goshe shares a few things that helped her get through her own divorce a few years back, from taking a costly, but worth it trip, to biting into a symbolic ham and cheese sandwich.

The Splurge

What Got Jeanne Goshe Through Divorce

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