How A Few Simple Hashtags Helped Me Heal Post-Split

03/24/2014 11:34am ET | Updated March 24, 2014

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Mere hours after she and her husband decided they would separate, entrepreneur and mom of two Denise Albert sat down at her computer and began writing about her pending divorce -- a split both she and her husband pledged would be amicable.

That first piece became Divorce Diaries, a blog series that shows other parents considering splitting up that it's entirely possible to have a grown-up, civil divorce for the sake of your kids.

What helped Albert move on after her own breakup, besides writing? Below, the journalist and television producer shares some of the small joys that have made a huge difference in her life since the separation a few years back.

The Hashtag
"To deal with the divorce, I came up with my own hashtags -- they've become really simple words that have gotten me through the separation. #Fulltimeworkingstayathomemom is one of them, because that’s what I am. Through the business I co-founded, TheMOMS.com, I am able to live exactly the way I want to as a full-time worker and as a full-time mom. The simple concept keeps me happy. I also use #TravelingTrio because there's nothing that makes me happier in life than traveling with my boys. When you are happy, anything is possible. And we have had many adventures together. They're not all so smooth, but that’s life and in the end, there’s nothing I look forward to more than being able to spend time with my boys and show them the world."
The Splurge
Denise Albert
"It’s all about my kids. I have splurged on vacations because I want to show them the world and continue to explore and take them on adventures. Whether it’s learning about a sports arena in another city, learning how to ski or heading out on a last-minute trip to Beaches Resorts in Jamaica -- to me, there’s nothing better than learning through experience. My son can now name over eight cities in Jamaica and can tell you about the first female president of the country. For myself, I splurged and put some rings back on my naked fingers from MoxxeDesigns by Rachel Katz. I bought myself stack-able rings from love2designjewelry.com, too, with my kids names and birthday days and another one that says another favorite slogan of mine: 'Live, laugh, love.' It just about sums up my past few years and my motto for moving forward."
The Work Of Art
Denise Albert
"I put photos of me and the kids all over the house after my marriage ended. I had to sell my apartment during the divorce and one of the things that most excited me about moving on and into my own place was re-doing all of my family photos. I re-worked old frames to now include just me and the boys and created this incredible collage above my bed of me and my boys showcased from my fashion show 'Strut, The Fashionable Mom Show.' I also had a blast decorating my boys rooms with large Fatheads of their favorite athletes."
The Radio Show
Jim Cooper via Getty Images
"Basically anything on Sirius XM Stars and Radio Disney, believe it or not. There’s nothing better than taking a road-trip and singing along with my kids. When you’re splitting up, simple things like this make everything better. And of course my new radio show, 'The MOMS with Denise & Melissa' on Sirius XM Stars. It’s a new job and every day I look forward to my show on Mondays at 11."
The TV Shows
"Two shows got me through my separation: ''Modern Family' and 'Orange is the New Black.' I don’t watch much TV but 'Modern Family' makes me laugh and 'Orange Is The New Black' is the only series I've really gotten into in years. The last few years of my marriage and the past few separated, I threw myself into my kids and my work, so I look forward to getting back to enjoying things outside that, like TV!"
The Food
Dan Kim/500px
"I sought out 16 Handles' frozen yogurt with tons of chocolate. Also? A glass of Prosecco. Pretty simple. Wine, Champagne and fro-yo with chocolate piled on. Nothing better after a breakup then that."
The Hobby
Oli Kellett via Getty Images
"The night we separated, I wrote my first piece for The Huffington Post Divorce Diaries series. Writing has not only helped me, but I’m hopeful my positive outlook has helped others. My ex even approved my first piece. Divorce is not easy, and mine hasn’t been drama-free -- but that’s life and part of the journey. I’m grateful to have had the choice and to be strong enough to choose to live happy. That’s what is best for everyone involved."

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