Divorce Cause: Video Game Leads To Marital Tension For One Chinese Couple

One husband's online gaming habit became too much for his wife to handle.

According to a report published on NewsGuangdong.com Monday (via Kotaku.com) Wang Juan petitioned the Chinese courts for a divorce from her husband, 25-year-old Zhang Ping, for neglecting his household chores and playing video games instead.

However, Zhang reportedly disagreed with his wife's claims and told the court he was willing to work on their relationship. The court agreed and asked the pair to come to an understanding, causing Wang to ultimately drop her lawsuit.

This isn't the first time video games have been a source of marriage tension. In a 2011 survey of 721 Japenese women, video games were found to be the fourth most common reason for ending a marriage. And in 2010, a survey by Divorce Online found that 15 percent of women who filed for divorce as a result of their spouses' "unreasonable behavior" said their husbands valued gaming over their relationship.

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