Divorce Causes: Does Having Children Put A Strain On Marriage?

Does having children put a strain on marriage?

On Thursday's episode of "The Ricki Lake Show," a mother of two admitted she's so tired from raising her children that she's "lost love" for her husband and her kids. It's gotten so bad, she says she even fantasizes about having weekends to herself if she and her spouse were to divorce.

"My marriage is falling apart," the woman says in the clip above. "I'm not seeing the precious things in my children, I'm not having fun with them."

We wondered if our readers had similar experiences, so we took this question to our followers on Facebook and Twitter: Did raising kids have an effect on your relationship with your spouse? Click through the slideshow to see what they had to say, then head to the comments to weigh in with your thoughts.

Did Having Children Put A Strain On Your Marriage?

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