Man Accuses Girlfriend Of Sleeping With 'The Entire Wu-Tang Clan' On 'Divorce Court'

What do you do if you think your girlfriend cheated on you with a bunch of rappers? Take her to court, obviously.

In an episode of "Divorce Court" from February, Nathan Sellers accused his girlfriend at the time, Lia Palmquist, of cheating on him with "the entire Wu-Tang Clan." In a clip from the episode recently posted to YouTube, Palmquist explains that she went backstage at a Wu-Tang concert to meet the rap group and was just having a good time. But Sellers wasn't too pleased, cutting her off to say, "She gave the Wu some tang."

The clip ends with Judge Lynn Toler learning the definition of "bustdown behavior," but if you're craving more relationship drama you can watch the full episode online.

UPDATE: Comedy Central's late night improv show "@midnight" decided to do some deep digging on Twitter and reach out to the Wu-Tang Clan to shed more light on Sellers' allegations. One of the members, Cappadonna, replied with a denial and many emojis.

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