Divorce Income Gap: Pew Findings Discussed On 'This Morning' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Women Fare Better Financially Than Men Post-Split

On CBS "This Morning" Wednesday, financial correspondent Carmen Wong Ulrich weighed in on a new Pew Research Center report that found women are now faring better financially than men post-divorce.

"The wage gap is closing between men and women and the good byproduct is, when it comes to having a divorce, we are actually doing better in some way than men," she said of the findings, published last week by The Pew Economic Mobility Project.

According to Ulrich, women see financial gains of 25 percent post-divorce. Comparatively, men see a 16 percent gain after a split.

Ulrich suggested that women's gains in higher education have led to the change.

"We are getting more education, so we have bigger jobs with bigger pay," she said.

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