Divorce Ads On Craigslist (PHOTOS)

Following divorce, former husbands and wives go through a variety of steps to ensure their split is as clean as possible. Lawyers are retained, assets are divided, custody agreements are hammered out, and grieving is commenced. But what about getting rid of the stuff--furniture, clothing, jewelry--that reminds them of their former lives? Until Craigslist.com, spouses had few options for purging belongings other than dropping everything off at the local Goodwill. Perhaps that's why the site has become such a clearinghouse for divorce-related paraphernalia (last time we checked, there were 145 listings for divorce sales in Los Angeles alone!) The objects here, though they range from the practical (couches) to the bizarre (spoon jewelery), have one thing in common: they provide a rare glimpse into people's closets, garages, living rooms, and lives after the hell of divorce.

For Sale By Divorce: Craigslist