16 Tough Questions To Ask Yourself Before Divorcing

We've heard married people say it time and time again: "Divorce is not an option."

But as any divorced person will tell you, the decision to split is never an easy one -- and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who walked down the aisle thinking they'd one day be among the legion of the divorced.

Divorce isn't an option for most of us until we've painstakingly pursued all the other options and come to the conclusion that splitting up is really our only choice. Below, our readers on Facebook and Twitter readers share the questions that went through their minds before they separated from their spouses.

1. "Have you tried everything you could to improve your marriage? Is your partner willing to participate in this work as well?"

2. "Think hard. Is this REALLY your only option?"

3. "Will my divorce be as terrible as my parents'? How can I go about this so my daughter doesn't suffer as much as I did?"

4. "Do you have the courage to begin this process? It takes a lot."

5. "How will this divorce affect our entire family, from the kids, to our parents, to our siblings? It really does have an impact on everyone."

6. "What's worse: my children growing up with endless fights between their parents, or with less overall time with me?"

7. "Will my future be as good as it is when I fantasize about it?"

8. "Can I make it on my own, especially financially?"

9. "How will my children feel? The kids have to come first, always."

10. Will I regret it? Is there a chance that my life will be worse without him?"

11. "Can we still work it out? More importantly, do you want to work it out or have you already given up?"

12. "Am I sure that I could spend the rest of my life alone, if it comes to that?"

13. "What can I do to protect my assets before I make this move?"

14. "Do I want to live the rest of my life with a narcissist? I didn't, so I left."

15. "What will my life be like without them in it anymore?"

16. "Are we done done? Or is there still hope for us?"

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