Divorce Rate: SourceFed Webseries Seeks To Explain Splits (VIDEO)

It's long been claimed that nearly half of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. That's no laughing matter, but in a video posted Monday, hosts from the YouTube web series SourceFed try to make sense of the stat -- and manage to get in some laughs while they're at it.

The web channel, deemed the "The Daily Show" for the YouTube Generation by some, is known for its jokey, irreverent takes on nearly everything -- remote-controlled wings, Tim Tebow, the correlation between red-meat consumption and early death.

But in this segment on the divorce rate, hosts Lee Newton and Elliott Morgan have a hard time getting their heads around why some divorcees go on to marry for a second or third time.

"Regardless of the pain of an arduous divorce process, these people can't help but hop back on the train to Regretsville and go back for seconds or thirds," Newton jokes, categorizing these divorcees as marriage addicts, "'maddicts,' if you will."

"With divorce being so calm, passé and easy," Morgan offers, "why wouldn't you just try on a different shoe if the one you're wearing doesn't fit?"

Watch the video above and tell us what you think of SourceFed's take on divorce in the comments.

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