This Video Explains Why Some Couples Are More Likely To Split Up

Why do some marriages last a lifetime while others end in divorce?

In the video above, blogger and demographer Philip Cohen looks beyond the numbers to figure out some of the underlying sociological factors behind the divorce rate. (Cohen's new textbook, The Family: Diversity, Inequality, and Social Change, takes an even deeper dive into stats on contemporary families.)

For starters, if you want to get married and stay married, it may help to stay in school. Education is one of the biggest contributing factors to how a married couple will fare, according to Cohen. Divorce is more common among those with less than a college education for two primary reasons, he says. First, people with less education tend to marry younger. And as a whole, they're less financially stable than their married counterparts with college degrees.

Watch the video above for more factors that Cohen says influence the divorce rate.

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